About Us

About Us

We unveil hidden business expansion opportunities across the globe and mobilize our resources to help you benefit from them

Our Story

We are a global strategy and management consulting firm with experts located in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. With our diversified service offering, we have developed tailored value propositions addressing the most complex business challenges and unveiling sustainable growth opportunities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster enduring international business relationships in the midst of an ever-changing world

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide services and solutions that help unveil, create, and develop long-lasting strategic partnerships

Our Values

Passion, Commitment, Partnership, and Community are the core values by which we live and work


We are deeply passionate about what we do, how and even why we do it


We are committed to our work, customers, partners, and all stakeholders that surround us


We are partners and we profoundly believe in long-lasting partnerships


We all belong to a community that we are proud to help develop and emancipate

Our Team

Our people are the secret behind the unique value proposition we provide.
We all share the same core values and thrive for the same medium and long-term objectives.

Anas El Arras - Managing Director
  • Anas El Arras
    Managing Director

    Strategic business growth-driver and global business development leader with 15+ years experience in blending engineering qualifications, along with project management and business development acumen to drive revenue growth, while enabling sustainable change during all economic cycles.

    Nidal Nasser - Managing Partner
  • Nidal Nasser

    Seasoned procurement and logistics expert with 20+ years of experience in developing strategic portfolios and new client base across various industries across the world with a focus on enabling business opportunities and building open bridges between the Middle East and Europe.