The increasing importance of aviation brokers in facilitating the flow of people

Aviation industry has seen the rise of low-cost carriers which have made air traveling way more affordable and accessible. Such a phenomenon has not come without its consequences with some traditional carriers facing a fierce competition that led them to financial difficulties up to bankruptcy. Furthermore, the world has seen unprecedented increases in strikes movements driven by labor unions that have been causing uncomfortable turbulences for passengers.

With the growth in the movement of goods and services, movement of people has significantly increased to reach all times records in the last few years. Beyond the role of low-cost carriers in easing such flow, the role and importance of aviation brokers have become vital. While their traditional role was limited to chartering private jets, aviation brokers have enlarged their scope of services to cater for passengers carriage.

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EA & Partners’ specialists in aviation brokerage work hand in hand with global carriers, tour operators, and even corporations to facilitate both their periodic and emergency movement around the globe.

If you are an airline and your fleet suffers unexpected technical issues, do not leave your passengers on the ground and run into paying penalties and indemnities, give us a call, and we have got you covered.

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