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Morocco – An Opportunity to Pioneer R&D in AI

Morocco is making its first steps and establishing solid foundations with the vision to play a significant role in leading Artificial Intelligence development in North Africa and the Middle East where ABI Research estimates that 1,500 enterprises adopted Artificial Intelligence... Read More

Overview of African Union Agenda 2063

Agenda 2063 is the African Union strategic framework for both social and economic transformation of the continent and the vehicle to achieve its vision of “An integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its citizens and representing a dynamic force... Read More

SMEs & Startups in Saudi Vision 2030

By launching a very robust and unprecedented strategic plan, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has begun to transform a high potential of economic power into a movement that will reshape the Kingdom´s economy for decades to come. As part of... Read More

Machine Learning in Business

Machine Learning is a set of computer programs that, in contrast to classical ones, can learn from experience without requiring detailed instructions. Such programs can thus predict future events and even solve problems of which properties are not known yet.... Read More

Enterprise Digital Transformation

As we write the year 2018, the term “Digital Transformation” became indispensable. Like no other, the phenomenon Digitization has been intruding on every area of life driven by the fast pace of advancing technologies. From societies to industries and enterprises:... Read More

Rethinking Internal Communication

Few Enterprises have realized that Social Networks are vital components to the success of their digital transformation. Although, from a strategic point of view, these solutions can add significant value to an Enterprise and play a crucial role in bettering... Read More

ERP or CRM? Which One Do You Need?

Why does every Enterprise need to consider implementing the right ERP and CRM Software? It’s vital for Enterprises to understand that the implementation of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or an Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) software is not a mere... Read More