Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

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What you should be aware of when it comes to the world of strategy

Most strategic plans are nothing but a bunch of documents that start with lengthy descriptions of business trends, followed by narratives on the competitive landscape, and concluded by a listing of actions deemed capable of transcending organizations from where they currently are to where they wish to be.

Such a strategic planning process is often done under pressure from management executives so desperately in need of quick returns rather than long-term benefits. Most such endeavors end in nothing more than high-level insights from disparate members of an organization with no understanding of the interdependence and connection of their roles to each other, to their market, and within the organization itself.

How then can a group of individuals grapple with creating a visionary business strategy when the very notion of a business strategy is so hard to define? We are aware that less than 10% of organizations worldwide succeed in implementing, executing, and realizing their strategic plans. Such a situation is a consequence of differing interpretations of ‘strategies’ and how they can be effective and substantive vehicles for change.

We will help you in your journey to elaborate well-crafted strategic plans that are quantifiable and ready for execution, and ones that can provide your organizations with clear, definable, measurable, and realistic goals.

Strategy Maps

How familiar are you with using Balanced Scorecards?

The challenge lies in determining the core driving essence and purpose of the strategy, the clarity that every employee is looking for within the organization, and communicating it effectively to audiences at different levels to empower them to employ their own experience and knowledge, and transforming this vision to real value for the organization in its entirety.

If clarity is what is often pointed out to be missing, strategy maps, among other techniques, are considered a compelling way to translate planning efforts into clear objectives that illustrate what must the organization do to succeed and achieve their operational goals. Before doing so, every organization must start with diagnosing current issues and systemic problems and weaknesses so that the efforts mentioned above can affect positive and enduring change.

The 4 Perspectives

  • Financial
  • Customer
  • Internal
  • Learning


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