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Trends in Education

Education is a mirror of where and how we live

Education has always been strongly related to nations economic power and vice versa. There have been loads of improvements and continuous changes to cope with the evolving needs of human beings around the world. It is an essential pillar that fosters and develops talent to drive and lead countries and organizations.

It is also a field where abundant methodologies and philosophies have been applied and utilized across decades. Education is a mirror of where and how we live. Healthy economies are often related to quality educational systems.

As with goods and services, education has gone beyond borders, and prestigious schools and universities have expanded their presence overseas. With a growing demand driven by increasing awareness of the importance of education, networks of schools have developed around the world.

Education could not remain indifferent towards the development of technology. It gave birth to online courses that are one click away. A decade ago, nobody could have imagined such an abundance of online educational resources that are very affordable.

The Future of Education

A growing marketplace for education tech - edutech - startups?

Where is the future of education? How will the Y and Z generations schooling system be? There has been ongoing research and developments to digitize education. With virtual classrooms, digital boards, and many other innovative inventions, culture has evolved considerably and will continue to follow this trend. One could foresee that more education tech startups and incubators will surface within the next five years.

Whether you are a corporation, a non-profit organization, a vocational training provider, or a world-class university, EA & Partners experts would be delighted to engage with and guide you towards the internationalization and digitization of your service offering, as well as in availing more opportunities to your people and ensuring their continuous life-long learning.


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