Join us on September 25th in Dubai, as the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry will host Global Strategy & Consulting Firm El Arras & Partners to conduct an informative seminar and workshop on business growth opportunities in Portugal.

The “Grow in Portugal” seminar is aimed to raise awareness amongst SME’s, entrepreneurs and startups around business growth, expansion, and funding possibilities in Portugal.

Portugal is on its way to become the land of startups and innovation with a fast-growing ecosystem backed by unprecedented governmental support. It’s, in fact, the only country in Europe that offers entrepreneurs from all over the world the possibility to operate within the EU without any hurdles.

The “Grow in Portugal” seminar will unveil the myriad of opportunities to fast-track access to Portugal and benefit from the available business opportunities including funds and residence permits, and will cover the following points:

  • Overview of the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
  • 10 Success Stories of Startups in Portugal
  • Company Setup & Incorporation
  • Introduction to Labor Law
  • Immigration Law and Startup Visa Program
  • Corporate & Personal Taxation
  • Incentives and Funding Opportunities
  • Your Journey towards Expansion in Portugal

Date: September 25, 2018

Time: 9:00 AM until 12:00 PM (registration opens at 8:15 AM and session will begin at 9:00 AM. Please arrange to be here on time)

Further individual sessions that attendees can book separately will be scheduled in the afternoon as well as on September 26 for follow-up and more in-depth information.

Venue: Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Parking: Free valet parking is available to all guests in the creek side entrance of the building.

Note: Please keep in mind that there will be other major events taking place at the Chamber, and valet parking might be difficult after a certain time. Early arrival is advised.

Audience: Men and Women are welcome.

To register, email by no later than Saturday, September 22nd

We look forward to meeting you in Dubai.