1. You will Love The Lifestyle

If you are looking for a “bright” place to be, then it’s good to know that Portugal is a country that affords 300 sunny days on average per year. Alright, but you would like to live in a place that provides you with the possibility to travel quickly in your earnest pursuit of connecting with bright minds from other countries. No worries! Lisbon is indeed the nearest European capital to both America and Africa. How about your fears of feeling homesick? Well, with the hundreds of affordable daily flights from Faro, Lisbon, and Porto, you will be able to keep in close contact with your relatives and the people you love.

Do you own a Tesla and you are skeptical whether or not you would be able to use it? Brace yourself and remember that Lisbon was the first city in Europe to set up a network of electric cars recharging stations. How about the internet speed? Portugal’s fiber-optic network is so fast and reliable that it will never let you down. Hence, you will not only enjoy surfing the web but also experience riding the waves of the country’s marvelous cost, and do so even on your way to work.

By moving to Portugal, you will not only enjoy surfing the web with high-speed but also experience riding the waves of the country’s marvelous coast.

2. Don’t You Worry About the Visa

You might be worried that it would be tough and full of hurdles for your friend Moe to make it to Portugal if you are to move there as he is from a non-European country. Don’t you worry! The government has established the right programs for you that aim to attract talent and innovation capacity to Portugal. Long story short, young entrepreneurs from all over the world who want to launch or relocate innovative startups to Portugal are now eligible for a fast-track access to a residence Visa. True story! This program aims to strengthen the innovation ecosystem and to affirm Portugal’s positioning as a country open to entrepreneurship and to all those who possess the knowledge and capacity for innovation, who can bring investments to the Portuguese economy, and who are capable of strengthening and enhancing national skilled human resources.

Wait for a second! Who came up with such a brilliant idea and how did it all start? During Lisbon’s 2017 Web Summit, Prime Minister Antonio Costa, a startups lover and supporter who is very active on Twitter and Instagram, announced the inception of the program with a clear message that the country is more than ever open to and will encourage all those who want to innovate, work, and invest in Portugal.

3. You will Enjoy the Ecosystem

How about local human resources? Don’t you worry about growing your team as Portugal is also the home for highly qualified, multilingual and yet not that demanding talent compared to other European countries.

How about your finances, aren’t you a bit hesitant? There are no doubts that you all are going to be millionaires, but for now, keep in mind that you could rent suitable office space in Portugal for less than €500 per month and still enjoy a comfortable life on a very reasonable budget. More than that, there are plenty of governmental incentives, interest-free loans, and a growing network of angel investors and venture capital funds available to you.

Last but not least, and for your big hairy audacious goals, you should know that The Hub Criativo do Beato is being developed on the Tagus riverside in eastern Lisbon, in a former army factory complex. Within the next couple of months, Beato which is set to become the largest platform for startups in Europe will be operational.

Can’t you wait to take advantage of such a unique startup ecosystem? Don’t wait any longer, and talk to us now!