Startups in Portugal have already contributed to lower unemployment rates to less than 10% and to create new jobs. According to available statistical data, young startups established less than five years generate 46% of job vacancies. Moreover, government and private sector have been making enormous efforts to attract investment, talent, innovation capacity to Portugal which is on the way to become the land of and for Startups in Europe. Below is an overview of promising Startups in Porto that have been part of such a development at various phases, and that will play a key role in creating more value towards further strengthening of the Portuguese Startups Ecosystem.

SWORD Health: $5.6M — Founded in 2014

SWORD Health developed the first digital therapy solution that addresses the growing demand for physical therapy while reducing costs, empowering patients with their recovery and providing a rich source of reliable data for clinical teams and decision makers in the health industry.

Jscrambler: $2.3M — Founded in 2014

Jscrambler is a client-side RASP solution to make applications self-defensive and resilient to tampering and reverse-engineering. Moreover, Jscrambler’s recently introduced web integrity module enables the real-time detection and removal of code injections, MITB attacks, DOM-tampering, and data exfiltration.

HealthyRoad: €488.6K — Founded in 2013

HealthyRoad develops AI facial biometric software for the automotive industry to get facial features of the driver. The software aims to analyze drowsiness, fatigue levels, distraction, stress levels and is also able to identify and create drivers’ profiles. The primary goal of the software is to alert the driver in the event of dangerous driving behaviors, to give a better user experience and finally to support the other sensors in the vehicle to take action if necessary.

Xhockware: €4M — Founded in 2014

YouBeep, Xhockware’s first product, is a mobile shopping and checkout solution compatible with all POS technologies. YouBeep enables retailers to manage payments, access valuable insights and to integrate loyalty programs and digital discount coupons. Moreover, YouBeep provides shoppers with a unique experience by allowing a checkout 70% faster than before, personalized promotions in real time based on previous and present behavior.

Infraspeak: $250k — Founded in 2015

Infraspeak provides facility management software that speeds up and simplifies the process of registering and transmitting necessary information. It aims to fully eliminate the use of paper and time expenses with administrative tasks, which doesn’t contribute at all to the success and the quality of the service they offer to their clients.

Lapa Studios: $2.1M — Founded in 2013

Lapa is a Bluetooth low energy object finder with Facebook integration that enables the world to collaborate to find lost items. Every Lapa the user attaches to anything he doesn’t want to lose (like your keys, luggage, pets or even your kids), is connected to the whole Lapa network. Lapa can be integrated with Facebook and e-mail, allowing to search for your things in private, or socially, by sharing Lapas with friends and family.

B-PARTS: €650k — Founded in 2013

B-PART is an online platform made for professionals in the automotive sector and the only dedicated to the commercialization of used parts. B-PART provides warranty for every product and a well-established certification process for suppliers and products within the platform.

Wisecrop: $465.5k — Founded in 2014

Wisecrop is an agricultural operating system with intelligence that aims to boost productivity, sustainability, and efficiency of farming. As an integrative solution, Wisecrop provides various tools to help farmers in their daily endeavors.

Omniflow: €880k — Founded in 2012

Omniflow develops solutions powered by wind and solar power. OMNI LED, an autonomous smart energy platform powered by an omnidirectional wind turbine and high-efficiency solar cells for advanced applications in IoT for urban or remote locations.

Smarkio: €1.5M — Founded in 2014

Smarkio is a multi-channel marketing automation software that has revolutionized and automated communication between brands and their consumers. It specializes in a range of services including web tracking, leads validation, e-mail marketing, leads nurturing, access management, sales console, and optimization.

Air Courts: €130k — Founded in 2016

AirCourts is an online sports venues booking platform with 600 locations registered. It aims to improve bookings management, optimize payments and bring new customers through the door. For sports players, AirCourts is a free mobile app and website to find local sports venues (Football, Tennis, Padel, Squash) and instant booking.

Streambolico: €1.3M — Founded in 2012

Streambolico is the next generation content delivery devoted to speeding up downloads and uploads on mobile devices, which can significantly improve the quality of the service offered by file synchronization and shared solutions in any cloud service. With Steambolico’s API, cloud services can quickly benefit from significantly higher speeds in file transfers to and from mobile devices.

HUUB: €2.9M — Founded in 2015

HUUB is a logistics and tech platform for fashion brands. It supports all sales channels: e-commerce, wholesale, own and franchising stores and marketplaces. It combines tracking, returns and customer support services to deliver distinctive customer experience. HUUB also provides seamless integrations with e-commerce platforms and shipping providers to create an ecosystem that simplifies laborious and manual processes.

MindProber: €500k — Founded in 2016

MindProber addresses the shortcomings of consumer neuroscience such as the lack of speed and scale, by providing customers with digital media testing tools. It collects declarative responses and physiological reactions to media content from hundreds of panelists though proprietary medical grade sensors and report on the overall and second-to-second impact of the material through client-controlled interactive dashboards.